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Install Shopthru to your Shopify store

Shopthru works out of the box. Get set up in a few clicks.

No need to own or manage crypto wallets. No need manually edit your theme or code any elements — it's all handled automatically.
Select Content

Choose what you want customers to unlock.

Token-gate access, discounts, offers and deals on content in your store — variants, products, collections, and even your entire store.
Set Qualifying Conditions

Choose which tokens grant VIP access.

Choose any combination of tokens — NFTs, coins (ERC20s), POAPs — or allowlists across any combination of chains.

For NFTs, simply drop a link from OpenSea and our systems will populate all the relevant information to get started. And with POAPs, Shopthru knows to look for them on both the Gnosis chain and Ethereum.
Advanced Parameters

Set campaign perimeters and boundaries.

Automatically open and close your gate based on redemption time-limits or quantity of redemption. Shopthru will not issue a discount to the same token twice.
Lift off!

Ta-da! You're ready to launch!

It’s that simple. In no time, you can start authorizing customers, validating ownership, and promoting your big drop or member perk!

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“By far the easiest and most reliable option to use for token-gating.”

Little Lemon Friends

“This app should not be this good for being so early.”

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