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Next-gen shopping experiences for loyalty & growth

Token-powered shopping experiences on Shopify that boost sales and customer love.
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Make shopping your brand  more fun using NFTs

Create something special with any NFT community you want

Sell into any token community and turn them into partners with just an OpenSea link. No need for complicated data sharing.

Digital collectibles become store memberships

Extend the power of NFTs into the physical world by making setting up in-store benefits for holders.

Build loyalty with store NFTs

Go beyond collaboration — turn your store NFTs into a platform for building long-term loyalty by offering special perks to members.

Give your store web3 superpowers.
No code required.

Next-generation loyalty and retention solutions are here. Create exclusive branded experiences for your best customers without no code or blockchain jargon.
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Easy to set up and customize
Launch a token-gated store in two minutes - no code required. Customize in seconds with your logo, images, font and button style.
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Use any combination of assets
Import multiple tokens (ERC-20s, 721s and 1155s) from multiple chains. Also work with POAPs (on Gnosis or Ethereum) as well as allow lists.
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Integrated with OpenSea
For most NFT collections, all you need to get started is an OpenSea URL — Shopthru will get all necessary contract information for you.
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Set multiple unlock parameters
Gate products based on asset traits and use advanced AND/OR rules to customize the experience even more.
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Advanced redemption limits
Combine multiple perks in one campaign, more complex redemption schemes including burn-to-claim and limiting orders.
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Integrate Shopthru with your stack using our merchant API. Liquid snippets and headless components provide greater customization.

Designed for real commerce. Secure and built for scale.

Exclusive Access
Lock products & variants
Member Discounts
With advanced controls
Free Shipping
With advanced controls
Gift cards
Increase order value

Wide variety of perks

Combine multiple perks in one campaign — exclusive access, discounts, free shipping, gift cards — with granular controls across entire stores, collections or products.

Secure and simple for customers

Whether your customer is a web3 veteran or an NFT newbie, Shopthru allows them to unlock products and discounts safely and with ease.

Fraud detection on exclusive products

If a customer tries to bypass the token-gate, Shopthru will detect the fraud and allow you to take action.

No discount code leaks

Shopthru generates a unique discount code for each customer — no discount code sharing or code leaks to deals sites.
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“Shopthru is by far the best token gated shop experience we’ve used.

Great UX and the team is always there if you run into issues to have questions.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team will happily answer any additional questions you might have.
What is a token-gate?
Token gating enables you to control access to exclusive products or perks by requiring customers to own a specific NFT or number of tokens.The NFT or token essentially acts as an access key that is verified by connecting your cryptocurrency wallet.
Do you have an API?
Yes. Please contact us for early access.
What data do you collect on redemption?
Data on the tokens or wallets that have passed the gate is not exposed at the moment - only that the specified token is owned by the customer. We take data and privacy very seriously and are working on surfacing useful information in a way that protects users and their privacy.
Can I combine multiple perks?
Yes, you can combine multiple perks in one campaign.
Can I combine multiple token types?
Yes, you can combine multiple token types across multiple chains in one campaign.
Can you limit how many times tokens can be used?
Yes. Depending on what types of tokens, we can limit how often they can be used in one campaign. ERC721s and POAPs are restricted by token, while 1155s and 20s are restricted by wallet.

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